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I usually only write about books, but I was so excited about these gorgeous Christmas Liturgical Calendars I wanted to share!

Have you heard that stained glass windows used to be the Catechism and Bible of the uneducated?

Of course most adults can read now, but what about small children? I think these poster sized calendars serve the same purpose as stained glass windows in a Medieval Cathedral. The youngest child can pour over the details in these Christmas Liturgical Calendars and learn about the saints and symbols of the liturgical seasons!

These calendars are nice and large: 18 x 24. You can easily see all the details! There’s so much detail here that there’s a handy guide included to help you understand the symbolism hidden in these calendars.

For adults, you have all the details of the Liturgical calendar available at a glance!

What the liturgical color of the day is, what the class of feast is, where ember days are, octaves, rogation days; there’s so much packed into this calendar! Take your liturgical living up a notch when you hang these calendars on your wall!

This set of calendars takes you from Advent through the Christmas Season to February 12th.

You can purchase these calendars through Sophia Institute Press: Christmas Liturgical Calendars

christmas liturgical living calendar

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the “Christmas Liturgical Calendars” from Sophia Institue Press in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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